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Team up with Ketamine North


Many patients that are receiving excellent care continue to struggle with significant mental anguish that is only partially treated or quite refractory.

At Ketamine North, we understand your desire to provide strategic adjunctive treatment options for your patients, while remaining well informed.

Why refer a patient to us?

In the past decade, ketamine has been identified as having beneficial effects for those suffering from Depression/Anxiety, Suicidality, Bipolar, PTSD, and OCD. Research studies from numerous reputable hospitals and organizations have shown impressive results in the usage of low-dose, intravenous (IV) ketamine as a treatment for such mental health conditions.

We at Ketamine North, are the ONLY specialized ketamine infusion center north of the Twin Cities. We care for your patients by providing ketamine therapy in a relaxing and beautiful office. Here, ketamine treatments are administered in a highly controlled and monitored setting. Our ketamine infusions are only administered by highly trained and experienced advanced practice nurses (CRNAs).

If your patient is a candidate for ketamine therapy, and you would like to refer to us, please complete this short referral form, and send it with your patient’s most recent H&P and lab work. We see ketamine as an important component in treating those individuals who suffer from debilitating conditions but have seen little relief provided through traditional therapies.

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