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I've battled major depressive disorder and anxiety for 25 years. I've tried more than 15 meds plus combinations therein. I've had genetic screening to see what might "work best for me." In the end, it's always been months of trying this or that to see if it works, finding some stability for about six months to a year, only for the meds to poop out on me. I'd had it. So, so tired of the cycle. After a neoropsych eval suggested I "take my treatment up a notch," my GP mentioned, "have you ever tried ketamine?" Never heard of it. Natalie and Pat have normalized this journey, helped with my questions (and I've had so many!), have helped me manage the ketamine side of things as I work with my psychiatrist to make other med changes, and have advocated for me with the insurance company. I trust both of them; their guidance has been invaluable.





You guys are giving me my life back.


Thanks again for being caring and compassionate.

Vanna Winters

Ketamine Infusion therapy threw me a rope to scale that wall, as my therapist and I can now work on making it to the other side without loosing my grip and falling back to the ground. I had the chance to be the person that I wished I had in those moments. I was given the opportunity to save myself. I was able to come back for her and saved her in a way no one else had before. Ketamine Infusion Therapy gave me that when I felt that like nothing else could.


First day in years I haven't thought of suicide in within 30 minutes to a few hours. Actually had a set plan for 2020 that was lethal. But now thats erased. I'm feeling much, much better. I'm surprised.


You guys are saving my life. 


12 Years ago today I received my first life saving ketamine infusion and what a difference it has made in my life! Thank you for recognizing the need and benefits and investing in this treatment so myself and many others may continue to benefit.

Alan S.

I was recommended for ketamine treatment by a friend who had had good results with it, addressing depression. I did some research and councilor with my therapist, and we set it up easily. It seems to me that the infusions and the positive experience with Ketamine North gathered all the things I had been doing my whole life to address mental health and really helped my mind utilize those tools to heal more fully. I feel a very strong difference in my ability to deal with stress, the dark paths of depression seem less ingrained and inevitable, and my mind works better. i'm even dreaming again. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone having difficulty getting a hold on their depression and anxiety, and Natalie and Pat are the most friendly, reassuring and professional clinical providers i've ever met - which is vital when dealing with such personal issues.

T. Sallis

Treatment was like pushing a resent button. After the first treatment, I had dreamless sleep instead of night terrors...and found myself less hyper -vigilant after treatment three. I am not putting on a happy face, my natural smile is back! Hearing myself spontaneously laugh startled me - it has been so long since it has happened!! PTSD 17 years.


Thank you both for your kindness and delightful candor. Personally I respond greatly to your friendly and humanistic and natural approach to communication and relation shared with your patients. You do wonderful and meaningful work, for people enduring a magnitude of suffering unequivocally higher than most others can even comprehend.


Thank you for getting me in and having so much grace for me. Really thank you for everything. I mean that every time but especially now when the world is flipped on its axis and you and Pat are out here being heroes and making it work. It doesn't go unnoticed.


Very professional, safe and serene atmosphere. Nat and Pat are both very fun and compassionate, at the same time. You can tell that they are very passionate about what they do. They consistently follow up after treatments and check in with me and my health. Very nice to have an alternative treatment closer than the twin cities. I just finished my first 2 weeks of treatment and looking forward my future appointments.


Life changing. The people that work there are extremely nice and attentive. I'd recommend it past the 5 stars. Current client. It works.
If your reading this to feel out what it may do, as your a person struggling with depression, anxiety, o.c.d, then I can say this- I'm a person that has a brain that *has not* responded to any prior treatments. Even ECT. For over a decade.
Go to the ketamine north website and look at what they have to offer, and your options. I'm now not a different person, but I can actually feel how my brain is working again, before being clouded chemically and not having signals sent, and by life events.
Look up the research articles, and you'll see.
It's worth everything.


Ketamine treatments made me want to live again. I've been depressed for several years....light to moderate to severe to extremely severe in the last 2 years. I've been on several antidepressants, outpatient and inpatient hospitalizations and even ECT (shock ) treatments. These worked for awhile but eventually my depression returned. I started ketamine treatments July 13 and completed the full 2 weeks they recommended.....the results have been nothing short of miraculous! I have always worked very hard to keep my depression a secret but now I want to share the good news with everyone! Thank you Natalie and Patrick for your genuine compassion, kindness, and encouragement. GOD bless you both.


I just want to start by saying this place has helped me through the hardest tragedy of my life. Natalie and Patrick are so compassionate and sincere. My first treatment was amazing! I actually felt my son that had passed and I’m not quite sure how to explain that. I knew it was him just by feeling not actually seeing him. It was just like a knowing somehow! I was hopeful to experience that at my next infusion but I didn’t. It was ok though bcuz I still knew the treatments were helping me with my life long depression and the ptsd from the tragic death of my son. I felt like a heavy weight was lifted off me and I felt hopeful again for my future. Before my infusions I didn’t have hope of a having happy future without our son.. I do have hope now and I owe it all the the north ketamine infusion center with Patrick & Natalie. I plan to do monthly infusions during my grieving process and I know Natalie and Patrick will help me through this no matter how long it takes. Anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, ptsd ...just like me ...I urge you to seek out this clinic and let them help you! It’s the best thing I have ever done for my mental health! I’m so grateful for Finding out about Natalie and Patrick’s Clinic!


just completed infusion therapy at Ketamine North and it feels life changing! Thank you Nat and Pat for your hard work, amazing care, professionalism, knowledge, comfortable and safe environment, and for your huge hearts. I feel relief and hope for the first time in 8 years with regard to mood and chronic pain issues. I will be forever grateful and am glad to know that you are there to help in the future if needed.


What a life saver receiving services from the Ketamine North Clinic. Pat and Natalie are smart professional individuals that are encouraging and compassionate about mental health services. I can’t say this enough, “ Ketamine North - it’s a life saver” ! Thank you


They are wonderful to work with and have a passion for the services they provide.
The Northland is very lucky that these two have taken the leap and started providing these services to our community.
Thank you for the work you do! Your patients give nothing but rave reviews every time we discuss the treatment you've been able to offer them!


I was Pat and Natalie's first patient. My personal outcome was so remarkable I was compelled to write a book about the experience. After 20 long years of major depression I was given a "do-over," a mulligan in the game of life. My sense of self is firmly back where it belongs.
These two are models of what healthcare should offer in every regard. Check out their website then give them a call. They're also on Facebook, where you can connect via Messenger.


Ketamine North was such a welcome relief after a 1+ year hiatus from effective treatment for my depression. Pat and Natalie are so professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, as well as kind and I know that lead to a favorable experience with a great outcome!


"I have bipolar disorder and have struggled with depression and have tried almost every medication. I take 23 pills a day and still feel depressed. I have even done ECT 11 times and have been hospitalized over 15 times since 2017. Ketamine has brought me a relief I didn't know was possible. I feel light and happy and content with my life. I never thought I would feel like this ever again. Natalie and Pat are incredible. They are so compassionate about me and the work they do. They make the whole experience so enjoyable. The journey I have been on has been like no other and I'm excited (I know, I'm actually excited about something) to see where life takes me and what new experiences will open up for me. Thank you Nat & Pat. You saved me life."


"Wow! What an experience! So powerful and I feel like that was very important for me. I'm glad you and Patrick were there, I'm very appreciative of all of it. Some really beautiful things are within all of us. I feel that you two are doing great work. " 

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